Dueker gate valves – for water and gas.Reliable, safe and cost-effective.

Dueker gate valves are used to great effect all over the world. There is a good reason for this – valves have to meet high requirements, especially in the drinking water sector. Dueker gate valves do precisely this. This is because they have been developed with the highest skill and are manufactured from ductile cast iron with the greatest care. Either fully enamelled or with an epoxy powder coating, they only leave our premises once they have been rigorously tested.

Gate valves

The advantages of Dueker gate valves.Made of ductile cast iron and enamelled.

All Dueker gate valves are made of ductile cast iron. Its properties mean that this material can withstand high internal and external pressure. Its coating guarantees permanent corrosion protection as well as reliable hygiene in our drinking water supply networks – because all Dueker gate valves are seamlessly enamelled or fully coated with epoxy powder to resist infiltration.

What are the benefits for you? First of all, you enjoy a great deal of freedom because there are no restrictions whatsoever for underground installation. The material and coating make Dueker gate valves universally applicable. They are easy to use, maintenance-free in operation, offer optimum protection and stand out due to their incomparably long service life. Only cast iron can do that. And only if it is professionally enamelled. We ensure reliable protection during transport and storage so that you can enjoy all the advantages of your Dueker gate valve.

Gate valves

Type 2004 and 4004.Enamelled for optimum corrosion protection and totally hygienic.

The type 2004 and 4004 gate valves are Dueker’s basic models for use in the drinking water sector and for gas or waste water. The corrosion protection of both versions is excellent because the body is seamless inside and out, enamelled to be shock-resistant as standard – according to the DEV (German Enamellers’ Association) guideline (soil class III, ISO 11177) – or fully coated in powder epoxy for use with gas.

The actuator is possible via operating key, handwheel, installation set or by electric actuator. For detailed information on connection variants and accessories program, see here


Gate valves

Type 4004 with welding ends made of PE 100.For all instances where cast iron meets plastic.

If plastic pipes are used for water supply, then the valves at least should be made of ductile cast iron – and well coated (for gas) or enamelled (for drinking water). This is precisely the purpose of our gate valves with welding ends made of PE 100. The material transition couplings are tested and monitored in accordance with the relevant DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water Applications) guidelines. The PE welding ends meet the highest mechanical and hygienic material requirements and are suitable for all common welding methods.

The PE welding ends are extruded and mechanically processed. They are locked and protected against tension by means of an external axial restraint ring. During welding, the advantage of this design is that the valve can be rotated without affecting the tension protection and impermeability.

Gate valves

Type 2004 and 4004 replacement and repair gate valve.For removal or quick replacement when needed.

These gate valves open up real opportunities for all plant and pipe network operators. The basis of these valves is the tried-and-tested Dueker repair gate valve concept. This series is available in nominal diameters from DN 80 to DN 200 and is characterised by a multitude of innovative details. The loose flanges, for example, can be extended by 4 mm on both sides within a certain tolerance range and are tightly connected to the body. The omission of the flange gasket on the loose flange sides results in additional play, which is compensated for by the movement of the loose flanges. The seal itself is integrated in the loose flange.

More examples? If the worst should happen, the valve can be replaced quickly and easily. Misalignments on an existing pipeline can be easily offset. There is no need to make room between the pipe and the valve to install the sealing ring.

This tried-and-tested concept allows you to use your resources cost-effectively. Whether it is for a new construction project or for the renovation of plants and supply networks. Depending on the material selected for the dismantling joints, savings of between 5% and 20% can be made for a new investment.


Type 3004 with welding ends made of steel.Perfect for gas supply.

All-round shock-resistant enamel on the inside, polyurethane (PUR) on the outside. Perfect for all gases according to DVGW worksheet G 260/I with test PG 3. The coating is tested according to DIN 3476, Part 2. The pore-free test is carried out using the high-voltage method with 15 kV. This is the effective corrosion protection for this type 3004 gate valve. It is resilient-seated with a smooth passage. Its body is made of ductile cast iron EN-GJS-400-18 with welded ends made of St. 35.8 / P235GH steel according to EN 10216-2. The gate valve wedge is guided by vulcanised plastic sliding blocks. The stem bearing is medium-free. Sealing is achieved using two O-rings.

Gate valves

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Gate valves

In summary.Gate valves at their best.

If you are looking for gate valves with a long service life, Dueker gate valves are the answer.

Gate valves