Dueker fittings for plastic pipelines – when cast iron meets plastic.Made of ductile cast iron – with wedge-shaped bead sealing rings.

When fully enamelled valves meet plastic pipes, the perfect solution is our Dueker fittings for plastic pipelines. We offer a wide range of flanged socket fittings E-KS, socket duckfoot bends EN-KS, single flange fittings F-KS, double socket fittings with flanged piece MMA-KS or with socket piece MMB-KS as well as single branch fittings with internal thread MMI-KS and finally MMR-KS. And all of this in nominal diameters from DN 40 to DN 400. Made of ductile cast iron, fully enamelled and manufactured by Dueker.


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You will find detailed technical information on our Dueker fittings for plastic pipelines in our fittings catalogue as well as in our pressure pipe fittings brochure. Of course, we will be happy to help.


In summary.First-class fittings for plastic pipelines.

When ductile cast iron meets plastic, Dueker fittings for plastic pipelines are the best coupling in many applications.

Fittings for plastic pipelines