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Dueker MLK-protec – the KML pipe

Dueker MLK-protec – KML drainpipes and fittings which offer maximum reliability when it comes to aggressive and greasy waste water.

The best solution for greasy waste water.

The MLK-protec (KML) drainpipe system from Dueker.

The best solution for greasy waste water.

MLK drainpipes and fittings from Dueker – also known as KML pipes in the market – are specially protected both inside and out. They are perfect for use with greasy waste water, which is the norm in commercial kitchens and similar businesses. The problem: cooled grease can clog pipes, cause harmful chemical reactions and adversely affect ventilation. It is therefore essential to integrate a grease separator into the drainage system. This protects all pipes downstream of the separator and the public sewer system. The supply pipe to the grease separator and its ventilation line, on the other hand, are among the most heavily contaminated drainpipes in a building. SML is not enough in this scenario! Dueker MLK with protec coating is the perfect solution.

Düker MLK-protec Installation

MLK with protec coating.

Maximum protection thanks to multiple epoxy layers.

The inside of MLK-protec pipes is coated with ochre-coloured epoxy. It is applied in liquid form in two layers with a total thickness of at least 240 µm and is then baked on. Elaborately pre-treated cast iron ensures optimum adhesion of these coatings. Even the chamfered pipe edge has an epoxy coating to ensure complete protection. The exterior surfaces of Dueker MLK-protec pipes have a zinc coating with a surface density of at least 130 g/m², on top of which a cover coating of at least 60 µm is applied. This outer coating is suitable for underground installation up to soil class II.

MLK-protec fittings are coated inside and out with high-quality powder epoxy. MLK-protec pipes cut on site also require cut-edge protection. Finally, be sure to use suitable couplings as both the aggressive media and the external demands on underground installation require special materials.

Dueker pro-cut tape – complete protection for cut edges.

Perfect cut-edge protection in just 45 seconds.

When dealing with aggressive waste water, it is essential to provide cut-edge protection for the pipes. But using conventional liquid paint requires certain waiting times to be observed before installing the coupling. This is made easier with Dueker pro-cut. This tape made of butyl rubber has a top layer of PP fleece. In combination, these materials provide high-performance and safe protection for the open cut edge. Dueker pro-cut has been specially tested for Dueker MLK-protec and promises maximum reliability. Cut to size, stick on the outside and pull tight, fold over to the inside and press down, done. A clean job finished in 45 seconds!

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In summary.

Don’t give aggressive waste water a chance.

Dueker MLK-protec is the perfect solution if you are looking for the right drainage technology for aggressive waste water. Use Dueker pro-cut tape to protect open cut edges. In commercial kitchens, hospitals, spas, medical labs or similar: MLK provides you with a safe and sustainable drainpipe system.