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Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, silicon cast iron: Dueker manufactures cast iron for every requirement.

Cast iron – the best properties for your product.

Sustainable, cost-effective, reliable.

Outstanding material properties such as a long service life, reliability, good malleability, cost-effectiveness and recyclability make cast iron an indispensable component of industrial end products. Dueker specialises in three types of cast iron in the production of its products: grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and silicon cast iron.

Grey cast iron: cast iron with lamellar graphite.

The all-rounder – adapted to the requirements of modern technology.

Grey cast iron is characterised by its very evenly distributed, fine graphite lamellae. The advantages of this cast iron are its high damping capacity, corrosion resistance and easy workability. Dueker grey cast iron is produced in EN-GJL-150 to 300 according to EN 1561. The common manufacturing processes and the variety of materials are adapted to the demands and requirements of modern technology and subsequent processing. This means grey cast iron parts are used for heavy components, as machine bases, for gear wheels and in gearboxes, in drive pulleys and belt pulleys, in bodies and stands and in many other areas. For example, in engine and cylinder blocks of combustion engines, brake discs, brake cylinders, furnace parts, pipes and fittings as well as other rotationally symmetrical parts.

Ductile cast iron: cast iron with spheroidal graphite.

High load-bearing capacity under dynamic stress.

In ductile cast iron (also known as spheroidal cast iron), the graphite in the melt is brought into globular form through treatment with magnesium. Ductile cast iron is characterised by material properties similar to steel. It is extremely stable, has good tensile strength with high elongation and remains easy to work. Ductile cast iron is produced in EN-GJS-400 to 700 according to EN 1563. Its advantages lie in dynamic stress – in applications where deformations would lead to failure or breakage of the component. Alongside the many areas of application it shares with grey cast iron, ductile castings are also found in punching tools, bodies, engines and drive parts, turbocharger bodies, diffusers, in plant and mechanical engineering, in pipes, pipelines, fittings and valves, such as gate valves and butterfly valves, hydrants and the like.  

Silicon casting: solid-solution strengthened ferritic cast iron.

Significantly increased elongation with the same tensile strength.

The latest edition of EN 1563 contains a new material group: solid-solution strengthened ferritic cast iron, known as “silicon cast iron”. Another variant of this material is described in a new VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies) material specification.
Dueker was significantly involved in positioning the new material on the market and manufactures it in series. As a fully ferritic material, silicon cast iron allows for significantly increased elongation while maintaining tensile strength and low tool wear. When changing over to the new material, previous patterns can be adopted without requiring any changes. Due to its fully ferritic composition, there is no need for the heat treatments which were previously necessary. Even greater savings can be made if new patterns with smaller wall thicknesses (lightweight construction) can be used thanks to the new material. Silicon cast iron is produced in EN-GJS-450-18, EN-GJS-500-14 and EN-GJS-600-6 according to EN 1563, or in EN-GJS-500-14+ according to the VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies) material specification.

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