Dueker socket fittings – for almost all applications.Made of ductile cast iron – according to EN 545.

Our wide range of socket fittings includes flange socket fittings E and EU, hydrant duckfoot bends 90° EN, flange socket bends 90° with a screw socket EQ, socket bends MK 11-45 as well as double socket bends MMK 11-45, socket and double socket bends 90° MQ and MMQ as well as plugs P and slide-on sockets U. And all this in nominal widths from DN 40 to DN 1600. In addition, Dueker offers the flange socket A, the socket B as well as the double socket fittings MMA and MMB socket fittings with and without a reducer. The double socket adapters MMR always have a reducer. Of course, all socket fittings are made of ductile cast iron, fully enamelled and manufactured by Dueker.

Socket fittings

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Please note that we also offer our socket fittings with a gland, screw, TYTON® or Novo socket. Standard sockets are available upon request. You will find detailed technical information on our Dueker flange fittings in our fittings catalogue as well as in our pressure pipe fittings brochure. Of course, we will be happy to help.

Socket fittings

In summary.It all comes down to the socket.

Especially if it is from Dueker. And, of course, we offer the perfect socket coupling systems to go with it.

Socket fittings