Dueker NH drainpipe system according to the American standard.

Products according to ASTM A888.

In many countries outside the EU, planners tender construction projects according to the American standard ASTM A888 – not just in the USA. The products differ in terms of their main dimensions, such as diameters, wall thicknesses and tolerances, and sometimes with regard to the shapes of the fittings. The systems are therefore not compatible without encountering difficulties. This is why Dueker manufactures pipes and fittings according to the American standard ASTM A888 in addition to its well-known drainpipe systems according to the European standard EN 877. This means that building owners, planners and plumbers do not have to go without Dueker quality! With regard to coatings, Dueker also adheres to the higher requirements of EN 877 for the Dueker NH range.

Coatings for Dueker NH pipes and fittings.

American standard meets Dueker coating.

On the outside, Dueker NH pipes have a reddish-brown base coat that can be painted over using commercially available coating systems. On the inside, the pipes have an ochre-coloured, high-grade, fully cross-linked epoxy coating which far exceeds the requirements of EN 877. This means that the inside of the pipes and the fittings are coated with high-grade, fully cross-linked epoxy. The casting process of the pipes – the hot mould centrifugal casting process – guarantees a smooth, bubble-free coating, which prevents deposits and enables optimum drainage. NH fittings have an epoxy coating of the same quality inside and out, but they are kept reddish-brown to match the exterior colour of the pipes.

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You can find out more about Dueker NH in our Dueker NH brochure and the Dueker NH catalogue. Both documents are in English. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Düker NHDueker NH – quality knows no limits.

With Dueker NH, you do not have to go without excellent Dueker quality, even outside Europe. We produce pipes and fittings according to the American standard – and finish them off with the standard Dueker epoxy coating..