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At Dueker the following applies: proven, dimensionally stable product quality under constant control of all process steps.

Quality management without compromise.

Throughout the entire production process

At Dueker, quality is not only reflected in the final product, but demonstrated throughout the entire production process. The production of high-quality castings requires high-quality raw materials, patterns, machines and plants. Alongside this are the high expectations of our customers – as well as our own: we are in constant communication to ensure that consultation, planning and delivery run smoothly. Because your approval is the most important seal of quality. This is the case from the drawings we sketch in our initial conversation with you in our consultation department to the handling and delivery of the final product.

Dueker test procedures.


The entire production is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Production analyses of the moulding and core sand as well as metallurgical and metallographic examinations of extracted samples are continuously overseen by our quality inspectors in the foundry. Finally, we carry out physical tests. Monitoring ongoing processes for compliance with customer requirements, component geometry, surfaces and standards ensures the high quality of our products – the “Made by Dueker” standard. 

UOur test procedures:
-   Spectral analysis  
-    Thermal analysis  
-    Metallographic examinations  
-    Physical testing methods  
-    Dimensional inspections 
-    3D-Scans
-    Ultrasonic testing 
-    Applicable testing of mould material 
-    Incoming goods inspections

Any questions?

Get in touch.

If you have further questions about Düker quality assurance and the test procedures, please contact us directly at any time. We will be pleased to give you further information and advise you personally.

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In summary.

Quality all the way.

The Düker quality claim concerns the product manufacturing as well as the customer exchange. In addition to production-accompanying analyses and the monitoring of the manufacturing processes, the contact to you also meets the highest quality standards.