Water supply requires products and solutions that last a lifetime – and longer. You will find these here at Dueker: valves, fittings, couplings and the service to go with them.

Flow Control

Suitable for all waters.The areas of application.

Drinking water, of course: this is the most important field of application of our Düker valves and fittings. But besides and beyond that, our ductile iron pipeline components are used everywhere where the management of acidic, strongly lime-dissolving or sulfate-rich waters is concerned. For example, in wastewater pressure and gravity pipelines through drinking water protection areas in Zone II and Zone III. Industrial wastewater pipelines, culvert pipelines, bridge pipelines are just as much fields of application as transport and distribution pipelines for sprinkler systems. Last but not least, our solutions are also used for the transport of seawater. Whatever the nature of the water, wherever you use our ductile iron products - you won't get just any fitting, but solutions that are resistant to biogenic sulfuric acid attacks and remain functional for an incredibly long time. Perfectly enameled.  Made for a little eternity.