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Dueker MLB

The Dueker MLB (BML) drainpipe is designed for the special requirements of road, tunnel and bridge drainage.

MLB bridge drainage pipe

Dueker MLB (BML) for bridge drainage

Corrosion-resistant outer coating for optimum protection.

MLB drainpipes and fittings from Dueker – also known as BML bridge pipes – feature powerful corrosion protection on the outside due to their typical use in bridge and road construction. In these applications, the pipe surfaces are exposed to external influences such as road salt and acidic exhaust gases which corrode the surfaces. This is why the exterior surfaces of Dueker MLB pipes feature two-layer thermal spray galvanisation and a two-component epoxy coating. The nominal diameter range from DN 100 to DN 500 or 600 includes the largest pipe dimensions for cast iron drainpipes. The outside of the pipes can be painted to match the building structure or for corrosion protection, which we generally recommend.

Düker MLB Brückenentwässerung

Coatings for Dueker MLB pipes.

Perfectly coated: inside and out.

The exterior surfaces of Dueker MLB pipes feature spray galvanisation that is at least 40 µm thick, as well as a top layer (two-component epoxy coating in silver-grey) of at least 80 µm. The outer pipe coating complies with the requirements of the additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for the corrosion protection of steel constructions (ZTV-KOR Stahlbau). Inside, MLB pipes have the same high-grade, fully cross-linked epoxy coating as SML pipes. The hot mould centrifugal casting process that is typically used by Dueker guarantees a smooth, bubble-free surface, which prevents deposits and enables optimum drainage.

MLB pipes for underground installation.

Underground with EN 877 and stainless steel couplings.

MLB is also suitable for draining rain water or waste water in underground installation. For underground installation, the standard requires an outer pipe coating with a zinc layer of at least 130 g/m² plus a top coat. It is essential to use suitable stainless steel couplings for underground installation as well as for installation in bridge constructions.

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You can find out more about drainage technology with Dueker MLB in our brochures and technical documents. In addition to further information on MLB, you will also find information on our SML, MLK-protec, TML and Dueker NH drainage systems. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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In summary.

Rain water stays on course.

Dueker MLB pipes are suitable for drainage systems on bridges and roads as well as in tunnel construction. The outer pipe coating means that MLB pipes can also be used for underground installation.