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Couplings with SML pipe connectors

Dueker supplies couplings for all cast iron drainpipe system applications – for example, SML pipe connectors alongside many other solutions.

Dueker couplings

Dueker couplings - SML pipe couplings for all applications.

Everything that connects cast iron drainpipe systems.

It depends on the nominal widths, the media and the environment. The choice of materials for the seal and the pipeline of the appropriate pipe connector depends on the how aggressive the waste water or the area is. Thankfully at Dueker, you will find excellent couplings for all kinds of cast iron drainpipe systems.

Düker SML-Rohr Verbinder

The advantages of Dueker couplings.

Extremely safe in every application.

It is the couplings that create a system out of the individual parts. Dueker offers a wide range of solutions for all applications. Tested according to EN 877 – that means that virtually all models up to DN 200 are pressure-tight up to 5 bar, and above that, up to 3 bar. Rapid couplings are also resistant to tensile forces up to 0.5 bar (up to DN 200).

The areas of application.

From roof drainage to underground installation.

It is important to acknowledge that cast iron drainpipe systems have to meet many requirements. They are installed in and on buildings, in shafts, in concrete, behind pre-walls and under floor slabs, outdoors or in the ground. In short, pipes and fittings have to be connected everywhere – from roof drainage to outdoor areas – and not just cast iron to cast iron, but often also to plastic. Dueker supplies couplings for all these applications. For all available nominal diameters, for aggressive media, for every environment. Choosing the right elastomer for the seal and a suitable metal is crucial – each need to be matched to the potential interior pressure load and the fixing.

The challenges.

With Dueker couplings, you are prepared for everything.

A high interior pressure is to be expected in drainpipes, for example in the backflow area or in waste water lifting plants as well as in higher down pipes without outlets. Tightness must be guaranteed. Dueker meets this requirement with couplings that are resistant to tensile forces or additional grip collars.



The seal.

The crucial factor.

It all comes down to the seal. At Dueker, we use EPDM as standard. This ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) is the rubber seal for all metallic pipe connectors and is perfect for almost all applications – even when draining fats that predominantly come from vegetables. We also offer nitrile rubber NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene), which is required for media containing a high concentration of animal fats, mineral oils or solvents.

Any questions?

Get in touch.

Do you have any questions about dimensioning, pressure load or couplings? If you need more information about areas of application, seals, coupling elements or screws that can be used to couple your drainpipe system, you will find a complete overview of all couplings offered by Dueker in our Dueker SML planning and project document: all the details on all the individual parts, from screws to seals. And, of course, we are happy to help. Just contact us.

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In summary.

Dueker delivers excellent solutions with effective couplings.

Secure, safe and tight – Dueker offers you the right couplings for drainpipe systems both in and on buildings, indoors and outdoors. Resistant to tensile forces and pressure-tight. Keeping your systems safe.