STRATE becomes part of the Düker Group.

Düker has acquired STRATE, specialists known for innovative solutions around the wastewater cycle, from Talis Group.

Karlstadt, July 2022 - With the acquisition of STRATE Technologie für Abwasser GmbH, Düker has expanded its solution portfolio in the wastewater sector.

Customers in particular will benefit from synergies between the two brands under the umbrella of the Düker Group, because they have access to system solutions from one source. 

"We are consistently continuing our strategic market orientation", says Düker CEO Oliver Kraxner. "STRATE, with its innovative wastewater and environmental technology, is a optimal complement to our range of solutions. From that point of view, the connection has been obvious for some time. The acquisition enables Düker to take another step towards becoming a system supplier, and allows us to further expand our product portfolio in the wastewater sector."  

The connection not only benefits customers, who now receive complementary intelligent wastewater disposal systems via a ‚one-stop shop‘, but also the two companies themselves and their employees. "It is above all the people and their know-how that convinced us,“ says Oliver Kraxner, „We are confident this team will achieve a lot together."


STRATE has stood for innovative and state-of-the-art wastewater technology for over 70 years. The company develops wastewater pumping stations with the patented separator system, check valves, and aeration and de-aeration valves of all sizes. With over 40,000 units sold, AWALIFT wastewater lifting stations are among STRATE's best-known products. Due to the optimal protection against clogging and the high pump efficiencies, solutions from STRATE make a significant contribution to reducing energy and maintenance costs. In the industrial sector, STRATE supplies blower and compressor manufacturers with check valves and start-up relief valves for air and technical gases. STRATE Service offers a comprehensive range of services, from new installation and regular maintenance to refurbishment, spare parts distribution and reconstruction of existing plants. 

About Düker

Düker is a medium-sized company with a 550-year heritage, specializing in high-quality solutions around water. Its innovative products are made from sustainable, healthy materials, which do not pollute the environment and promote essential water hygiene and quality. With a focus on high-quality glass-lined products and coatings, Düker is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and pressure pipe fittings for drinking water supply, as well as pipes and fittings for building drainage. The acquisition of STRATE is part of Düker‘s realignment and an important milestone in its international premium strategy. Further developments are in the pipeline.... 

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