Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs visits Dueker.

Oliver Kraxner meets with Hubertus Heil and Bernd Rützel (Member of the Bundestag).

Karlstadt, July 2023 – The long-standing SME Dueker, represented by Managing Director Oliver Kraxner and Works Council member Stefan Rümmer, recently had the opportunity to show the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Hubertus Heil, and Bernd Rützel around the Karlstadt site. During an informative tour of the plant, they discussed current issues and challenges in the sector and the guests even tested out some of the Dueker products.

A delegation headed by Hubertus Heil, the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and Bernd Rützel, Member of the German Bundestag, visited Dueker at its Karlstadt site on 25 July. An official welcome was followed by a brief presentation about the company by Managing Director Oliver Kraxner and a discussion of current issues. 

Federal Minister Heil demonstrated his considerable knowledge of water management and also took the opportunity to discuss current sector developments with the management. Heil and Rützel showed great interest in the issues affecting the company.

Heil said: “We recently passed the Continuing Education Act. This includes a training guarantee and a wide range of opportunities for those already employed to gain further or new qualifications. Our goal is for the employees of today to be able to do the work of tomorrow and for everyone to start their working lives on a solid foundation. One thing is clear: We don’t need only employees with university degrees but also those with vocational training.”

Kraxner picked up on this forward-looking approach and first addressed Dueker’s sustainable and agile company strategy: “It is important to us to move with the times and adapt to changing conditions to achieve long-term success. Sustainability and protecting the environment are our top priorities. We have been sustainable in many areas for a long time already, for example thanks to our hygienic, durable and high-quality products and the use of upcycling materials.” 

Rützel also expressed optimism about the future: “I am delighted that our Labour Minister, Hubertus Heil, has come to Karlstadt. Dueker has a long tradition dating back more than 500 years in the Spessart. I am delighted that the management, the Works Council and IG Metall are together working to ensure that production continues here successfully in the future as well,” said Rützel, a trained machinist.
More critical topics were also openly discussed, such as the responsible use of water, an often underestimated (vital) resource, and the particular challenges facing production sites in Germany.

This steered the discussion towards business progress and future investments: “We are positioning ourselves more broadly and increasingly focusing on developing smart solutions – because digitalisation is becoming more and more important in water supply,” said Kraxner. Acquiring companies that complement Dueker’s strategy (such as the acquisition of STRATE technology for Abwasser GmbH last year) plays a key role here. “But Dueker is making strategic, long-term investments not only at product level but also in quality management and service focus. This includes investing in a cutting-edge training centre at the Laufach site,” said the managing director. 

The talks also made it clear that Dueker is resolutely focusing on two key topics – sustainability and innovation – when it comes to its future position as a provider of water-related products and services so that it can continue to offer solutions that meet the performance commitments made to Dueker customers and that protect resources and the environment.

About Dueker
Dueker is an SME dating back more than 550 years that specialises in high-quality water-related solutions – providing innovative products made of sustainable, sound materials that do not pollute the environment and ensure hygiene for the precious commodity that is water. With its top-quality products and focus on enamelled products and high-quality coating, Dueker is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and pressure pipe fittings for the supply of drinking water and building drainage systems. STRATE was acquired as part of the systematic implementation of the Dueker strategy. In connection with its international position as a premium provider, including STRATE in the Dueker Group represents a further milestone. 

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