Dueker Hydrant – a safety guarantee.Made of ductile cast iron and fully enamelled.

Hydrants leap into action when there is an emergency or a fire or when a temporary water supply is required for events or on construction sites. Dueker can provide the right solution – underground hydrants, surface hydrants, made of ductile cast iron, durable, impermeable, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective and recyclable. And to ensure that they are truly permanently protected against corrosion and incrustation, they are fully enamelled – according to the requirements of DEV (German Enamellers’ Association) guidelines and ISO 11177. Dueker surface hydrants are also available in different enamel colours upon request – red as standard, but also blue, yellow, green or grey. Non-fade. CE-certified. Made by Dueker.


Underground hydrant 304 and 305.Rigorously tested and better than standard.

Underground hydrants 304 and 305 in nominal diameter DN 80 with flange connection are used for drinking and untreated water, up to 16 bar and up to 60 °C. These series have a one-piece body enamelled inside and out, a cast-on and fully enamelled drain opening as well as a factory-fitted EPDM flange gasket with steel core. The three-winged sealing piston is encased in an EPDM elastomer, the solid piston rod is made of stainless steel and the guide piece is made of brass. The hydrants contain a tried-and-tested stem bearing as well as a stone protector made of EPDM. The bayonet hook with brass ring and the cast iron protective cover are equipped with a stainless steel chain. Self-closing or open covers are also available as options. Both series comply with the requirements and tests of EN 14339 and DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water Applications) test specification W 386 (P). They have been subjected to the DVGW type examination. All materials in contact with drinking water comply with the current status of the UBA (German Federal Environment Agency) assessment principles and guidelines. All elastomers and plastic parts comply with DVGW worksheet W270. 304 and 305 underground hydrants also go beyond standard requirements in numerous areas.


Underground hydrant 304 S.With spigot – designed for TYTON® and Novo sockets.

The underground hydrant 304 S with spigot is available in nominal diameter DN 80 with a pipe covering of 0.75 to 150 m. It is enamelled inside and out and designed for TYTON® and Novo sockets in the drinking and untreated water sector up to 16 bar and 60 °C. All the details of the type 304 S comply with the requirements and tests of EN 14339 and DVGW worksheet W386. It has stood the test of time in the supply of drinking water for fire fighting and as an emergency water supply point. The body of the 304 S is a single unit and consists of fully enamelled ductile cast iron. The robust sealing piston is optimally shaped in terms of flow and is also made of ductile cast iron with an all-round casing made of high-quality EPDM. The underground hydrant 304 S stands out in all categories – simply excellent.


Surface hydrant 494.Striking design, planned to the last detail.

No question about it: the surface hydrant 494 makes its mark on almost every street. Its colour and design make it a highly visible water supply point from underground pipelines. It is available in nominal diameters DN 80 and DN 100. The flange connection is PN 16 according to EN 1092-2. And, of course, it complies with the standard for surface hydrants EN 14384 and DVGW test specification W 386 (P). It also has a DVGW type examination certificate. Its special feature is its aluminium cover connected to the solid steam extension by a stainless steel pin. The bypass has an installation-friendly pre-determined breaking point, the B-couplings comply with DIN 14318 and are attached to the hydrant by a stainless steel chain. An A-outlet is also available upon request. A special highlight is the polystyrene packaging: it not only provides protection during transport, but can also be used as a drainage cylinder.


Surface hydrant 495.Easy to see on (almost) every corner.

The internally and externally enamelled surface hydrant with a stainless steel protective cover combines striking design with well planned functionality. It is available in nominal diameter DN 100 with pipe coverings up to 1.50 m. The flange connection is in accordance with EN 1092-2. The hydrant complies with the standards for surface hydrants EN 14384 as well as DVGW testing specification W 386-P. It is also DVGW-certified. Other advantages: its cast iron, enamelled hand wheel is connected to the solid stainless steel stem extension by a parallel key. The two aluminium B-couplings according to DIN 14318 are well protected beneath the stainless steel protective cover. These can be operated individually using two valves. A safety valve prevents the protective cover from closing under pressure. It has a pre-determined breaking point and a double shut-off. The hydrant also has an outlet in the lower section with an A-fixed coupling according to DIN 14319 with an outlet cover. The polystyrene packaging of this hydrant can also be used as a drainage cylinder after delivery and installation. The Dueker surface hydrant 495 is incredibly clever.


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In summary.A blessing for the fire service

Surface hydrants and underground hydrants on any street – wherever they are needed – Dueker hydrants are a safety guarantee. For water suppliers and the fire service, for residents and other consumers – for anyone who may require a temporary water supply.