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Dueker TML

Thanks to its high-quality outer coating, the Dueker TML drainpipe system is suitable for underground installation up to soil class II.

Düker TML-Rohr

Dueker TML – the drainpipe system for underground installation.

Maximum safety for static and dynamic loads.

The high stability of cast iron pipes really proves its worth in underground installation. As a guideline, an overburden of 0.8 to 6 m can be assumed with a simultaneous load from heavy-load vehicles of up to 60 tonnes. However, standard SML pipes do not offer sufficient corrosion protection. But Dueker TML drainpipes do. They have a coating system according to paragraph of EN 877 – perfect for soil class II, rating number -5 to -10.

Düker TML erdverlegt

Coatings for TML drainpipes.

Quality according to EN 877.

Dueker TML pipes are made of cast iron and coated with sustainable materials on both the outside and the inside. The exterior surfaces of Dueker TML pipes have a zinc coating with a surface density of at least 130 g/m² according to EN 877, on top of which a brown two-component cover coating is applied. Inside, TML pipes are coated with a high-grade, fully cross-linked epoxy coating – the same as for SML pipes. Dueker’s hot mould centrifugal casting process guarantees a smooth, bubble-free surface, which prevents deposits. Perfect for drainpipes.

Düker Detail TML-Rohr

Dükorapid® stainless steel – the right coupling for TML pipes.

Corrosion protection included.

It is important to use suitable couplings for underground installation. We recommend Dükorapid® stainless steel. Dükorapid® stainless steel guarantees effective corrosion protection in the long term. Perfect for Dueker TML.

Assembly and installation.

Fast and uncomplicated.

Assembly of Dueker TML drainpipes is quick and easy thanks to simple pipe bedding and soil compaction. Installation is carried out according to Dueker installation regulations in compliance with EN 12056 / DIN 1986 Part 100 / EN 752, EN 1610, in accordance with the technical information.

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You can find out more about Dueker TML in our brochures and technical documents. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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In summary.

Underground drainage – above-ground reliability.

Dueker TML drainpipes are reliable and safe for underground installation. They can withstand static and dynamic loads and guarantee long-term corrosion resistance with Dükorapid® stainless steel couplings. .