Dueker Drainage

SML pipe

A Dueker SML pipe represents the highest quality in drainage technology. Durable, sustainable and high-grade, it far exceeds the requirements of EN 877.

Düker SML-Rohr

Dueker SML – pipe and system.

Everything you need for safe and sustainable building drainage.

Dueker SML – a comprehensive range from a single SML pipe to a complete drainage system. From socketless pipes to simple fittings such as bends, single branches and reducers to connectors for toilets and washbasins, siphons, inspection pipes and down-pipe supports, everything is included. Usually available from stock – and most importantly, above and beyond the required standard.

The advantages of a Dueker SML pipe.

Impressive inside and out.

Dueker SML is suitable for installation both inside and outside buildings. This means that they can not only be used inside as drainpipes but also outside as rain water down pipes or in underground garages, for example. In case of visible, corrosion-prone installation, however, Dueker recommends using additional rust protection for visual reasons. Ideally using one of the coating systems commonly used in steel construction.

One advantage is that the pipes and fittings can be easily embedded in concrete because the expansion coefficient of cast iron and concrete is very similar. And since concrete passivates cast iron, the pipes are also protected against corrosion.

What else? The coatings and primer coatings are top-quality. As is the material: cast iron. That is precisely why Dueker drainpipe systems stand out with their robustness, durability, fire resistance and low-noise operation – even without special insulation and sound-insulating measures. Excellent sound insulation and first-class fire protection – non-combustible. Not every manufacturer can offer such clear advantages. But Dueker can.

Düker Detail SML-Rohr

The field of application.

Top for building drainage.

The standard – European EN 877 – applies to cast iron components for the construction of building and site drainpipes and connecting drains. It defines the requirements for materials, dimensions and tolerances, mechanical properties, composition as well as coatings for cast iron pipes, fittings and accessories. It also contains functional requirements for all components including couplings. In short, it is the standard to which pipes, fittings and accessories have to comply – regardless of the casting process and how they were manufactured. Dueker SML drainpipe systems made of cast iron comply with this European standard and far exceed its requirements in many areas.
Dueker SML products are available in different dimensions in nominal widths DN 50 to DN 300, in some cases even up to DN 400.

Düker SML Installation

The coating.

Sealed layer by layer.

On the outside, all Dueker SML drainpipes have a reddish-brown base coat. On the inside, the pipes have a durable, fully cross-linked epoxy coating, which is characterised by high resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. It is precisely these properties which allow Dueker SML to significantly exceed the values required by the standard. This means that Dueker SML drainpipe systems are specially protected against increasingly aggressive domestic waste water. This is guaranteed by Dueker’s hot mould centrifugal casting process, which allows extremely smooth interior walls to be created. It provides the perfect substrate for the uniform, bubble-free lining of elastic epoxy.

For both pipes and fittings. The only difference is that our Dueker SML fittings have this high-quality epoxy coating on both the inside and the outside – albeit in a reddish-brown colour like the pipes. And as with the pipes, this reddish-brown coat can be painted over using commercially available coating systems.



Any questions?

Get in touch.

If you still have questions about the pipes, would like to know more about couplings or if you are interested in aspects such as drainage capacity, you will find lots of information in our technical documents. Just take a look at our “Download” area. Or save yourself some time and contact us directly.

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In summary.

More than just a waste water pipe.

Dueker SML defines the standard. Durable, quiet, non-combustible and sustainable. Here at Dueker, we give you our word on that – and a ten-year guarantee.